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The Contractors, Closers & Connections (CCC) was established to provide a deliberate forum for professionals who serve the Commercial Real Estate & Construction industries to network, create introductions, build lifelong relationships, send referrals, share new ideas, and promote the overall advancement of the industries in an exclusive ecosphere.

The CCC consists of multiple national chapters which organize and host professional, industry-specific private events to include clientele from various market designations: real estate developers, entrepreneurs, investors, building owners & owner’s representatives, property management firms, debt & equity capital partners, attorneys & consultants, elected officials, commercial real estate brokerages, and construction-related firms.  Our Chapter’s Leadership ensures that invitations across these verticals are perfectly balanced so that one vertical does not overshadow the other.

CCC attendee firms are responsible for millions of square feet of commercial real estate developments delivered, successfully completed brokerage transactions, and properties under management.

The intent behind the creation of the CCC was to offer a platform that would encourage long-lasting relationships driven through high-energy, in-person interactions while enjoying a one-of-kind networking experience in some of the most exclusive destination venues in each chapter’s respective city of influence.

The CCC is committed to engaging with and improving upon our communities where each chapter is located by donating a portion of proceeds from every event to benefit a local 501c3 charitable organization.

Our mission at CCC is to “Make Business Personal Again,” and allow for industry professionals to establish partnerships more easily by investing their time in a genuine environment, ultimately furthering their professional careers, while improving their overall quality of life.