About Us

About Us

Motto: Making Business Personal Again

Mission Statement: Our mission at CCC is to help others succeed in creating life-long relationships in the commercial real estate & construction industries so that the organization can help its members to gain access to influential industry contacts that can be invaluable and help advance the real estate and construction industries overall.  However, the benefit to our members is extremely powerful because the value attained through the meetings/interactions through the quality members that are a part of CCC will provide a fast ROI but could also greatly advance your position in the market.

Vision: The overall vision of the CCC is to continuously provide our attendees with a one-of-a-kind networking experience and atmosphere, something completely different than the typical; an environment that genuinely cultivates natural relationships easily. Our goal is to have a CCC chapter available in every state to create a national networking experience that has an unparalleled effect on its members, resulting in improving the quality of their professional life. Our goals also include continuously updating and educating our members on current events that can have a direct impact on their professional career.  CCC plans on continuously improving our communities nationally by supporting local charities that will have a positive impact on future generations.


Integrity – Do what is right, even when nobody is watching.

Respect – Be cordial to others, no matter what position they hold in society or what walks of life one may hail from.

Servitude – Lend service to your community and fellow man; be a Servant Leader.

Integrity, Respect, and Servitude Seal