Sponsor – Vensearch

Sponsor – Vensearch

A National Partner of CCC

CCC has entered into a national partnership with VENSEARCH, providing its members with an innovative and streamlined approach to achieving their business technology goals. At no cost, CCC members can leverage the expertise of VENSEARCH’s team of advisors to achieve their organizations technology vision and digital transformation goals.

Powered by more than 325+ leading technology partners & suppliers, VENSEARCH is a consortium of technology leaders and advisors dedicated to helping organizations improve efficiency, uncover savings, and create long-term value for technology investments.

“At VENSEARCH, our mission is to simplify technology complexities, creating seamless solutions that drive organizational success. We’re dedicated advocates, understanding the interconnectedness of technology, processes, and people. Our commitment goes beyond IT and low voltage solutions – we partner with leading providers to offer comprehensive strategies. We’re excited to collaborate with CCC and support their members, ensuring a transformative tech journey. “

– Wade Brewer, CEO & Co-Founder of VENSEARCH


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Our team will conduct a thorough assessment of your existing telecommunication setup and expenses to identify potential cost-saving opportunities and communication enhancements. We’ll ensure your communication systems are optimized for efficiency and performance.

Internet & Connectivity

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With a focus on maximizing your connectivity infrastructure, our experts will identify opportunities for cost savings and enhancements to ensure seamless and reliable internet connectivity.


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We offer comprehensive cybersecurity assessments to evaluate the strength of your current infrastructure and identify potential vulnerabilities. Our team will recommend tailored solutions to enhance your organization’s digital security and protect against cyber threats.

Managed Cloud Services

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Our experts will provide insights into optimizing your cloud services, ensuring scalability, cost efficiency, and alignment with your technology goals.

Low Voltage Products Sourcing

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Our experts will assist you in sourcing essential low voltage products required for your organization’s technology infrastructure. We’ll help you identify high-quality solutions that meet your specific needs.

Low Voltage Contractors Sourcing

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Our experts will connect you with reliable and experienced low voltage contractors who specialize in various systems, including access control, data cabling, camera systems, audiovisual, and more.


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Our experts will help you find trustworthy managed service providers that align with your organization’s IT needs. We’ll connect you with partners who can offer specialized services to enhance your technology environment.

Beyond IT and Low Voltage

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We acknowledge that IT and low voltage solutions constitute only a fraction of your organization’s success. In recognition of this, we collaborate with top-tier partners to extend our expertise beyond these realms. From HR software to recruiting tools and more, our advisory services encompass a wide spectrum, emphasizing the interconnectedness of various technologies and their pivotal role in enhancing your operational efficiency and competitive edge.

Our array of assessments and advisory services comes to you at no expense. We are dedicated to ensuring your organization benefits from the finest guidance and assistance as you navigate the intricate technology landscape. Our goal is to drive operational efficiency, helping you achieve your comprehensive technology goals with unwavering support.

The VENSEARCH Process: Your Journey to Seamless Technology Solutions

1. Listen and Assess

Your technology journey begins with an in-depth discovery meeting. We take the time to understand your organization’s goals, challenges, objectives, and technology initiatives. By listening closely, we gain valuable insights that lay the foundation for your tailored solution.

2. Research

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of your needs, we dive into our extensive network of technology partners. Our team conducts thorough research to identify solutions that align perfectly with your technology goals, ensuring you receive options that truly make a difference.

3. Educate

Empowerment through knowledge is key. We coordinate and arrange vendor presentations, allowing you to explore the solutions compatible with your objectives. These sessions serve to educate you about the available options, enabling you to make informed decisions that positively impact your organization.

4. Advise

Navigating the tech landscape can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone. Our experienced advisors step in to provide expert guidance, analyzing the solutions you’ve explored. With our industry insights and your specific needs in mind, we offer tailored recommendations to help you choose the ideal solution.

5. Deployment

Your chosen solution is ready for action. We remain fully engaged throughout the deployment process, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation. From start to finish, our team is there to support you, making certain that your technology solution is seamlessly integrated into your operations.

6. Celebrate

Our commitment to your success is unwavering. As your dedicated technology advocate, we take pride in delivering 100% cost and risk-free advisory services. Since we’re compensated by our technology partners, your journey with us comes with no financial burden.

Rest assured, unless you opt for our white-glove services during implementation or are in need of an extensive consulting engagement, your investment remains zero.

Experience the VENSEARCH difference—a personalized, client-focused approach that transforms technology challenges into opportunities. Let us guide you toward innovation, efficiency, and success, while celebrating every achievement along the way.